Endocrinology & Metabolism
We specialize in the medical field of endocrinology & metabolism. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional endocrine care to our patients by emphasizing the importance of physician communication and patient individuality.

Our Vision
Some of the Disorders Treated & Procedures Offered
Pre-Diabetes and Gestational diabetes
Insulin Pump Managment
Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Thyroid disorders
Calcium & Vitamin D disorders
Fine Needle Aspirations of Thyroid Nodules
Parathyroid Disease​
Adrenal Gland disorders
Pituitary Gland dysfunction
Osteoporosis & Metabolic Bone Disease
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Metabolic Syndrome
Lipid/Cholesterol disorders
Electrolyte imbalance
Menopausal health
Testosterone disorders
Important Information & News
News: January 2018
We are CLOSED for the snow. 1/16/2017.  You will be rescheduled as soon as we reopen. 
Dr. Malini Gupta is currently the only ECNU certified endocrinologist in the Mid-South. This certification is for expertise in procedures involving head and neck ultra-sound, including fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules, parathyroid adenomas, cysts, and lymph nodes.
Dr. Malini Gupta was elected to the position of Chapter Secretary by peers attending the Southern States Chapter meeting of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. 

Dr. Gupta is now a volunteer consultant for the Church Health Center​

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